We are so happy to be back together for the fourth year of the Yoga & Wellness Show, sponsored by Healthy Planet. 


Yoga is not about who can stand on their head the longest.  It’s not about who can twist like a pretzel, and it’s definitely not about who has the most expensive outfit and the trendiest accessories.  It might mean something different for everyone.  We started this show because we know there is room for every single body in the yoga community.  Whether you are new to it, or you’ve been a part of it for years, you are all welcome and thrilled you could join us this year.


A big part of yoga is intention setting.  Whether your intention is to find space in your every day to meditate, or to learn to be a little kinder or a little more patient.  Maybe your intention is just to learn to live a healthier lifestyle and you don’t know where to start.  You are at the right place!  There is a wonderful support network under one roof.  Talk to the exhibitors.  Meet people.  And of course shop, taste the food, participate in the classes, try new things and explore!  There is a lot to see at the Yoga & Wellness Show – so take your time, and enjoy!

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